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100,000 Moto X phones are shipped each week thanks to 24-hour operation

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday September 11, 2013.

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Moto X built with Moto Maker
Moto X built with Moto Maker

Motorola attracted attention when it opted to restart its manufacturing process in the United States rather than Asia, where the vast majority of smartphones are assembled. The Texas plant that Motorola controls now pumps out 100,000 units each week. The total includes both the standard woven black or white models sold at carriers and the color-customized orders made through Moto Maker and shipped to individuals within four days.

Reuters reports that Motorola currently assembles 100,000 phones in its Fort Worth facility because of carrier demands. The phone first launched on AT&T and is making its way to all of the four major carriers this month. However, it is only in the U.S. and doesn't appear to be heading to European or Asian markets. Google has said it has plans to sell phones outside of the U.S., but the Moto X will probably not be the device that eventually finds its way across shores.

Having to target only the U.S. market thus leads to Motorola needing only to produce over 1 million phones this quarter, which obviously pales in comparison to millions of devices that Samsung is going to sell for its Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy Note 3. A separate report from the Fort Worth Star Telegram reveals that workers at the Moto X plant work 12-hour shifts, allowing operations to continue 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Motorola will soon change to three 8-hour shifts to keep the facility going constantly.

via: Reuters

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