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EE reaches 1 million 4G connections

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday September 09, 2013.

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EE became the first carrier in the UK to offer 4G LTE service last year, and it has predictably become the first to sign-up 1 million customers. EE has more than tripled the number of subscribers with 4G-capable phones and plans since it revealed in April that over 318,000 customers had made the switch to 4G. The operator estimated that it would reach the 1 million mark by year's end and have crossed the threshold with nearly four months to spare.

The long lead time that the carrier received thanks to Ofcom's approval to launch its network months ahead of competitors has clearly worked to EE's advantage. It now faces a tougher sell in attracting 4G customers because consumers have more choices now that rivals O2 and Vodafone began their limited rollouts of 4G service last month. Three UK won't launch its 4G network until December 2013.

EE last month released a 4G Mobile Living Index to show habits of its 4G customers, including:

- A third of UK 4G users stream more content over 4G, than they did on 3G, with BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Sky Go the favourite TV services and tablets driving 60% more video streaming on smartphones

- 4G is also enabling people to go beyond streaming and browsing, with 19% of users shopping more on their smartphone or tablet, than they did with 3G

source: EE

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