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Pressy Kickstarter projects automates Android functions with the press of a button

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday August 30, 2013.

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Kickstarter is home to many doomed projects, but there are some that provide such an obvious "Why hasn't anyone already thought of this?" solution that the product almost instantly succeeds. Pressy, a button that plugs into a phone's headphone jack and automates actions, is one of those projects.

Pressy is an earphone plug with a small circular button on top. It works with a companion Android app to access a particular function based on a series of clicks. Someone could rapidly press the top of the button three times to turn on a flashlight app. A single long-press could begin an audio or video recording. Doing this activities on a smartphone would otherwise require that someone unlock the phone, launch the app, and then tap another button. Pressy provides a shortcut to placing a phone call, changing phone settings, turning on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, sharing location, and much more.

Things get complicated when someone needs to use a smartphone's headphone jack. A video demo says that users can use the control button on their headphones to initiate the same commands. Actions set to a single click might need to be changed if someone wants to continue using their headphone buttons for the intended purpose of pausing playback.

Pressy met its Kickstarter funding goal of $40,000 in less than 24 hours. The project has raised more than $183,000 at the time of this post was published. Interested backers can pledge $17 to get a Pressy, $20 to choose a specific color, $20 to get a key chain, or $45 to get a gold-coated model. The project creators claim to have already figured out how and where they will mass-produce Pressy. Delivery for the projects is not estimated to arrive until March of 2014. More information is available at the Pressy Kickstarter page.

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