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Move over LG G2, Oppo N1 will have a rear touch panel

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday August 26, 2013.

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It's not just LG using the back of smartphones for more than just a place to plaster its logo. Chinese smartphone maker Oppo also has plans to launch a phone with touch controls on the back, but it's using a panel rather than the volume and power controls seen on the LG G2.

Oppo had already confirmed that its upcoming Oppo N1 would have a rear touch panel when it launched a somewhat sleazy photo for a viral campaign that has since been deleted. Today the company posted a drawing of the N1 depicting how the touch panel would work. A camera would be placed near the top of the phone and below it would be the touch panel that someone would use an index finger to swipe left, right, up, or down. Nothing else is explained, but one can assume that the panel will be used as a way to navigate a phone or have gesture commands.

The N1 is not the first phone to feature rear controls. The LG G2 has buttons for power and volume, and the Motorola Charm had BackTrack technology that offered a rear touch sensor to navigate. Oppo has sought feedback from users for a name for its implementation of the technology, so hopefully it can offer something unique or more useful than previous takes.

source: Oppo (Twitter)

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