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Todoist 2.0 for Android adds new look and features to popular to-do list app

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday August 20, 2013.

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Todoist v. 2.0 for Android
Todoist v. 2.0 for Android

Task mangers and to-do list apps are among the most popular kinds of apps you'll find on Android device, and all of them approach things in a similar fashion. The only way for a task management app to set itself apart is to make things simple and perform admirably with the details. Todoist 2.0 introduces a fresh user interface in order to be better at doing the little things.

Todoist traded in its darker background colors for a bright white, light gray, and orange color scheme. It also made attempts to streamline menus and overall appearance so users will find it easier to add tasks or manage projects. One noticeable change is that the Projects, Labels, and Filters that were once tabs in the hidden menu are now individual links directly in the navigation bar.

Todoist also removed the need to have a task created within a project. Adding a task can now be for a one-off chore, and the creation screen can add it to an inbox, apply a due date, apply labels, or set priorities. Creating notes can add reminders and tasks at the same time rather than having to create a task and then take the extra steps.

The change in appearance is not as drastic as some other apps because Todoist for Android already followed Android 4.0 styling. Users should adjust to the switch fairly easily, so what's really most interesting are the features added or improved. Todoist widgets previously showed a list of tasks for a given period. Those widgets are now flat but maintain color labels and the ability to show tasks according to filters, labels, projects, or time. The app also adds new options for Premium users to filter through their tasks. The option can support things like filtering based on a term or task status and can be a useful way to focus on a particular need without manually searching by priority or project.

Todoist v. 2.0 for Android
Todoist v. 2.0 for Android

The unfortunate part of Todoist 2.0 is that it is an update that primarily benefits premium subscribers. Most of the new features are premium only, so anyone who doesn't sign up for a $29 annual subscription misses out on the best the app has to offer. The basic elements of the app, like adding tasks or projects that are synchronized with an online app, are freely available to everyone. Getting advanced features - like filters and labels, flexible reminders based on time, and notifications by email, SMS, or Android - require a paid subscription. Someone looking for a simple task manager can use an app like Any.Do and be perfectly satisfied. However, Todoist is designed to work for people with a lot that needs to get done who want more ways to track and complete them. Those advanced users may find Todoist to be a better solution and worth the price of admission.

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