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Pocket Casts developers plan to support Chromecast for Android, and announce new iOS 7 features

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday August 13, 2013.

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Pocket Casts for iOS 7
Pocket Casts for iOS 7

Shifty Jelly's Pocket Casts is one of the better podcasting apps available for Android since a massive update several months ago introduced an all-new interface and capabilities. Those features will soon come to Chromecast, and other upgrades will make their way to the Pocket Casts iOS app.

Pocket Casts for iOS will not support Chromecast yet, but it will gain several upgrades. Pocket Casts will add a completely redesigned interface based on the iOS 7 UI that Apple previewed earlier this year. The design will modernize the app, place an emphasis on large thumbnails and better navigation, and include support for iPads. It will also support automatic downloads of podcast episodes and the ability to filter through a list; in other words, users will be able to see a list of new video podcasts or a list of downloaded podcasts that were partially listened to but never finished.

The most intriguing feature is the introduction of Sync, which creates a cloud-based back-up of not only the list of podcasts that users subscribe to, but also maintains a save state of the last listening position. Someone can listen to a podcast on an iPhone, pause and then switch to an iPad, or even switch to an Android device and still have the position bookmarked in each podcast episode.

Android users will also be pleased to know that Pocket Casts plans to support Google's Chromecast soon. I recently contacted Shifty Jelly to find out the company's plans for the media streaming dongle and Co-founder Russell Ivanovic sent the following statement:

"We're planning to support it as long as it works ok in our testing. We've ordered two ChromeCast sticks and are just waiting for them to arrive. That's for our Android app; if there's demand from iOS users we'll add it to iOS too."

source: Pocket Casts

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