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LG Quick Window hands-on preview: the LG G2 gets a smarter case

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday August 07, 2013.

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LG Quick Window case for LG G2
LG Quick Window case for LG G2

The LG Quick Window is LG's answer to the Samsung S View. It's an obvious, unabashed take on a small but useful tool debuted by its chief rival, but the Quick Window will probably be even more useful to the LG G2.

LG's Smart Window is a flip cover case that protects the smartphone from scratches and most dinks thanks to the folio covering both the screen and the rear. It features a special cutout in the middle of the top portion of the case in order to provide access to the screen. That's what sparks the S View comparisons, but LG is trying to one-up Samsung with a few changes. Made of a textured polyurethane just like the S-View, the LG Quick Window has a textured but flowing surface. The inside has a synthetic felt like material that feels ok but is not as soft, and the back has a glossy finish identical to the phone's basic back. However, it's rated as being a good material to protect the phone from smudging. Color choice will not affect the feel or coating of the material. Color options include black, white, pink, purple, blue, mint, and yellow.

I find the QuickWindow polyurethane material to be fine but I was less enthused to learn that the Quick Window cases will differ based on market. LG says that the case will have an integrated battery cover in South Korea, but the global version will come with a latch-on case. The integrated solution is better because it keeps the phone case very slim, so buyers outside of Korea will have a slightly thicker profile.

As for the actual use of QuickWindow, it actually seems very useful. LG revealed the power of its Quick Window even before it announced the capabilities of its G2 Android smartphone. Swiping across the window exposes users to more features, including time, wealth, messages, and music player. Here's a quick video of the LG Quick Window in action.

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