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ESPN stays mum on Chromecast but Hulu confirms plans to support TV solution

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday August 01, 2013.

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Google Chromecast sold out at multiple retailers within days of its launch, even though the Android-and-iOS-friendly TV accessory is so far limited to only four streaming media services. Hulu has joined the chorus of apps working to offer Chromecast compatibility. Variety reports that Hulu has confirmed plans to make it possible for Hulu Plus subscribers to watch on-demand TV episodes and movies using the $35 device. Hulu spokesperson Meredith Kendall said:

"We are actively working with Google to bring Hulu Plus to the platform. At Hulu, we're constantly innovating to provide our users with access to their favorite TV shows anytime, anywhere, on any device."

Hulu is the latest major media brand to suggest that it plans to support Chromecast, a device that makes it easy for HDTVs to stream music or movies online thanks to their Android or iOS smartphones and tablets acting as the remote control. GigaOM yesterday reported that Vimeo and Redbox Instant confirmed plans to support Chromecast, HBO confirmed its in talks with Google to bring HBO Go to the platform, and Plex is teasing that it will follow suit. Google already confirmed that Pandora is developing its app to support Chromecast and demoed the upcoming app at its recent launch event.

ABC has decided to remain quiet about its intentions. I asked if the network would add Chromecast connectivity to its WatchESPN app but the company declined to confirm its intentions, saying only that it has nothing to announce at this time. The addition of ESPN would increase the amount of streaming options for Chromecast users who want to watch more sports broadcasts than the regional coverage offered by their local cable operators. WatchESPN already supports Apple's Airplay, so adding Google's latest streaming protocol would be a big boost for Chromecast fans.

As I stated in my Chromecast review, Google's inclusion of its own media services and Netflix already puts the $35 Chromecast into rare company for streaming service value. Adding more services will increase that value even more.

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