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HTC One MoDaCo.Switch makes it easy to switch between Sense and Google Play editions

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday July 29, 2013.

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The HTC One comes in two flavors, but choosing either the Sense or Google Play versions isn't easy, as evidenced by our HTC One Sense vs. HTC Google Play review. However, a new firmware package makes it possible to switch between the two with relative ease. MoDaCo.Switch supports jumping from one version of the HTC One to the other with the tap of a few buttons. It's more than just switch ROM's because Switch actually supports interoperability. Someone can install an app on the Google Play edition and that app would be usable in the Sense version as well. Information is stored in one place and accessible from either ROM.

MoDaCo.Switch is not a fully polished project yet but it has been in private beta for a while. The app is now in public beta and available for download at Modaco.com. It has been used on an unlocked European HTC One but should be usable on rooted HTC Ones as well. The one caveat is that this works only on GSM devices, meaning the Sprint HTC One is not able to install Switch. Users should also be aware that as a beta project, some phone features may not be supported or may not work as well as expected. More information can be found here.

source: Modaco.com, via: Engadget

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