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Locket pays Android users to put ads on their lock screens

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday July 19, 2013.

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Smarpthone users collectively swipe to unlock their Android phones millions of times each day. A new app promises to make the act of unlocking more rewarding by paying users to look at an ad before getting to their phone. Locket displays advertisements and offers on lock screens that Android users can interact with for a fee. When the phone is turned on, a user can swipe left to see a photo ad or watch a movie trailer. The user can swipe right if he or she has no interest in seeing the ad.

Locket pays U.S. smartphone owners for viewing ads, but the payout is so small that it's unlikely to entice people to participate. Viewing an ad earns a penny. Yes, $0.01 in U.S. currency. Furthermore, payments are capped at 3 cents per hour. Participants can cash out with a gift card once they've reached a certain point but it will take effort and time to reach that mark. Assuming that someone consistently checks his or her smartphone 3 times per hour for 16 hours, Locket pays less than 50 cents a day. That translates to a little more than $3 per week, $14 per month, and $175 per year. And that's assuming that every ad would be of interest to the user and warrant choosing to view it rather than swipe right and gain direct access to other apps.

Locket isn't the first company to propose displaying advertisements on a mobile device lock screen. Amazon put ads on its Kindle Fire lock screens, and a company known as SmartAds launched an IndieGoGo campaign that promised as much as $25 per month in exchange for customers viewing ads. Locket might not be the last either. With Google building its entire empire on an advertising model, it wouldn't surprise me to see the company create an optional program to display ads on a lock screen.

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