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Next iPhone may have 120FPS slow-motion camera

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday July 09, 2013.

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Apple has slid into a pattern of releasing a dramatically new design for every other iPhone and then implementing slight improvements in its 'S' successor. Code in Apple iOS 7 signals that the iPhone 5S may have a slow-motion camera among its small improvements.

9to5Mac claims that iOS 7 includes code for a "Mogul" feature related to the camera. The code does not work on existing iOS hardware, but the site speculates that it is related to a feature that will allow the camera to record video at 120 frames per second. Recording video at that speed leads to less shutter closes and more movement being captured, giving video a chance to introduce smooth, detailed images.

Higher frame rates can lead to higher quality images in many cases, but there are sometimes differences in how frame rates are captured or generated and how they are displayed. A camera might record video at a high frame rate but only show 24fps at a movie theatre. So why bother using a 120fps camera on a smartphone instead of the 30 typically seen in modern smartphones? One sensible theory is that the high frame rate can then be used to introduce better slow-motion video that plays action in a dramatic fashion without being choppy. Capturing the video at a high frame rate is necessary for producing a quality slow-motion video that makes motion fluid and shows details of the action.

The code suggests that the iPhone 5S, or whatever proves to be the official name of the next iPhone released later this year, may contain a new camera sensor capable of recording video up to 120fps at a level that satisfies Apple. That camera could then be used to incorporate slow motion videos, something already available to the Android-powered Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One. It's not definitive to say that this feature will arrive in the next iPhone but the rumor suggests that it's possible.

source: 9to5Mac

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