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T-Mobile iPhone chips away at Android's lead in the United States

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday July 08, 2013.

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Google's Android operating system still reigns as the leading smartphone platform in the United States, but the introduction of the Apple iPhone to T-Mobile has led to iOS seeing a modest but noteworthy gain in market share. Android rests at the top with 52 percent of sales in the three months ending in May 2013, up slightly from the 51.7 percent reported in the previous period. The second place spot still belongs to Apple, which increased from 41.4 percent during the last sales period to 41.9 percent in the most recent period.

So why should people care about a shift that doesn't even translate to a full percentage point? They shouldn't because nothing has significantly changed, but this may be a sign of things to come. The iPhone is still the country's best-selling smartphone and Android, which is available in a wider variety of options, is the most prevalent operating system. However, Kantar's ComTech USA report for this data notes that the introduction of the iPhone to T-Mobile made a small impact on its market share estimates. Despite not being available for the full sales period, iOS accounted for 31 percent of smartphone sales at T-Mobile. The popularity of the iPhone at T-Mobile means that more customers at the nation's fourth largest carrier could cut into Android's lead.

Android will still be in the lead for the foreseeable future, and possibly beyond that, but it's less likely to widen the margin of its lead. Opening up to more customers at T-Mobile will make iOS a stronger competitor to Android based on these early reports. AT&T already reports an abnormally high percentage of iPhone sales (60.5 percent) and Verizon has a high number as well (43.8 percent), so T-Mobile no longer being the sole dominion of Android might slowly give Apple a chance to gain ground.

source: Kantar, via: Apple Insider

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