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Motorola debuts first ad for Moto X as "the first smartphone that you can design yourself"

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday July 02, 2013.

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Motorola MOTO X advertisement
Motorola MOTO X advertisement

The Motorola X Phone has gone through many phases during its rumored history this year, but the phone now known as the Moto X is being teased in major advertisements that appeal to personalization and American patriotism. In an advertisement that will appear in several major U.S. newspapers tomorrow, July 3, Motorola plants the seeds of a Moto X that will be the "first smartphone designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA." The advertisement then goes on to note that while Americans celebrate independence on July 4th, they should think about the ability to have a sense of freedom when choosing their phones as well.

Motorola's ad has text that reads:

"The first smartphone that you can design yourself. Because today you should have the freedom to design the things in your life to be as unique as you are...Designed by you. Assembled in the USA."

The timing of the advertisement is an intentional linking of the U.S. day of independence to Motorola's intention to manufacture the Moto X in Texas and bring "Made in the U.S.A." ethos to its domestic smartphone campaigns. It also brings up old suggestions that the Moto X will be a phone that users can customize. Old rumors suggested that users would be able to select processor, screen, and camera components in the same vein that consumers can build PC's on manufacturer websites. Smartphone customization at the component level is questionable, but Motorola's ad suggest that users will at least be able to choose how the design of their phones. Perhaps Motorola will let buyers choose between Kevlar or plastic materials and select different colors.

The only thing for certain about the Moto X is that the phone will try to sell consumers on personalization and enhanced sensor controls. Google CEO Larry Page has said that the Motorola subsidiary would focus on the key areas of battery life and durability, and Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside later confirmed those aspirations. Based on the new information from Motorola's advertisements, the Moto X rollout plan will abandon Motorola's old ways of hyping hardware and focus on other areas the company believes will appeal to consumers.

source: AdAge

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