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Blekko launches Izik search engine for Android and iOS smartphones

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday June 18, 2013.

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Search engine Blekko has released new versions of Izik, a mobile-friendly search engine designed to introduce results that are more visual and built specifically for smartphones. Previously available tablets, Izik is now available for category-based search on Android and Apple iOS smartphones.

The smaller screen versions of Izik, pronounced eye-zik, follow the same format of presenting top results that users can swipe through on one page rather than having to click through multiple pages. Results are categorized according to photos, news, social media accounts, and a relevant filter. For instance, searching for 'Bryce Harper' will bring up filters for MLB and baseball, but searching for 'Kim Kardashian' will bring up celebrity gossip. Users swipe through the top results in each category and then tap a result to go visit the page within the app's built-in browser.

Izik uses a Dynamic Inference Graph that tries to recognize which categories to display for each search. That's why a search for 'Android' brings up a profile of the mobile operating system and then has shopping tabs for Android products, news articles on the OS, and links to popular websites devoted to covering it. Results are not as plentiful or as fresh as one finds in Google or Bing, but it seeks to use an organized approach to try and deliver a better experience. It doesn?t always turn out that way.

Izik also supports search history, trending search terms, and browsing specific categories of nearby venus (i.e. bars or gas stations). The Android app requires Android 2.3 or later and the iOS app requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Download Izik for iPhone/iPad / Android

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