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YouTube Windows Phone app under threat as Google demands Microsoft remove app for policy violations

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday May 15, 2013.

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Google has sent Microsoft a cease and desist letter demanding that Microsoft remove the YouTube app from the Windows Phone Store because of the app makes multiple violations of YouTube's rules. Wired obtained a copy of the letter and highlights that Google accuses Microsoft of the following violations because YouTube for Windows Phone:

1. downloads videos
2. blocks ads
3. plays videos creators don't want viewed on mobile

According to Google, these are clear violations of its terms of services and "directly harm our content creators." Google demands that the app be removed by May 22, 2013.

The cease and desist letter is surprising because Google and Microsoft have tussled over the issue of YouTube and Windows Phone in the past but seemed to have resolved the issue in recent weeks. Following accusations that Google actively blocked YouTube from developing a quality Windows Phone app and prevented its subsidiary YouTube from doing the same, Microsoft released its own app last week. The quality of the application appeared to signal that the two companies had reached an agreement, but Google clearly did not approve of the tactics employed by Microsoft to develop the latest YouTube app for Windows Phone. It's unclear if Microsoft will be able to edit the app to comply with YouTube policies and allow the app to otherwise function without continued threat from Google.

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