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Google head of Android says there's no need to merge with Chrome...yet

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday May 13, 2013.

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Google executive Sundar Pichai, the man tasked with overseeing both Android and Chrome, says there's no need for the two operating systems to converge into one platform in the short term. However, that may not be the case in the future.

In an interview with Wired, Pichai says that he's excited to have an influence on Android and Chrome at a time when both operating systems are seeing so much growth and activity. Though speculation that Google might merge its two software platforms increased when Android founder and former SVP Andy Rubin stepped down in March, Pichai remains dedicated to building out Android and Chrome separately. When asked about the "confusion" of having two operating systems, Pichai said:

"Users care about applications and services they use, not operating systems. Very few people will ask you, 'Hey, how come MacBooks are on Mac OS-X and iPhone and iPad are on iOS? Why is this?' They think of Apple as iTunes, iCloud, iPhoto. Developers are people, too. They want to write applications one time, but they also want choice...

At Google we ask how to bring together something seamless and beautiful and intuitive across all these screens. The picture may look different a year or two from from now, but in the short term, we have Android and we have Chrome, and we are not changing course."

Pichai says that "computing itself will dictate the changes," so it's possible that Google might one day decide to blend Android and Chrome. At the moment, there's no incentive to undertake that massive task. Google announced earlier this year plans to reinvent its browser engine to increase its speed, and Android has undergone many transformations in the past year. The two projects are being refined for specific computing models - Chrome for desktop and web, Android for smartphones and tablets - and that's the way Google prefers it for now.

The Wired interview is well-timed as Google is set to begin its annual Google I/O Developer conference this Wednesday, and Chrome and Android will be featured heavily in all of Google's major announcements. Pichai also discussed Facebook Home, Google's relationship with Samsung, and how I/O will be slightly different from years past. The complete transcript is available at the source link below.

source: Wired.com

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