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San Francisco ending fight to put radiation warnings on cell phones

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday May 08, 2013.

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San Francisco will abandon its attempt to place labels on cellular phones that warn buyers that there may be possible radiation and health effects related to mobile phone usage. Though San Francisco passed a city ordinance in 2010 that required phone sellers to place the labels on devices, the wireless industry trade group CTIA successfully sued to have the ordinance blocked. San Francisco had fought to make the labels required, but the city appears to have accepted defeat and will abandon attempts to require radiation warnings.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the city's Board of Supervisors voted to approve a settlement that would permanently drop its ordinance requiring warning labels in exchange for CTIA not forcing the city to pay its legal fees. Had San Francisco continued to fight the injunction won by CTIA and lost, the city might have had to pay the trade group more than $500,000 dollars.

No studies have definitively shown that cellular phones have an adverse affect on health or that radiation levels are high enough to warrant concerns. The FCC announced in August 2012 that it would revisit the issue of radiation associated with cellular phone usage, but those results have yet to be published. The city of San Francisco wanted stores to warn consumers that "studies continue to assess potential health effects of mobile phone use," but a judge ruled in 2011 that the stickers and in-store posters could mislead customers. The matter appears to finally be heading towards its conclusion.

source: SF Chronicle

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