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Facebook Home reaches 500,000 downloads but users still think it's terrible

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday April 22, 2013.

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Facebook Home has surpassed the 500,000 download mark in Google Play, but the half million users who have surrendered their smartphone experience to Home don't seem to reflect that the app has been well-received. A quick glance at the ratings and reviews left in Google Play paint a picture of an app full of bugs and failed promises. Of the 11,330 ratings left on Facebook Home, 5,860 are 1-star reviews. The app has a dreadful average of 2.2 stars.

Home was supposed to be the smart way for Facebook to strengthen its position on mobile devices without actually developing a mobile device. It started with support for only five phones in the U.S. before quickly expanding to other countries. More than 500,000 people downloaded the app in less than two weeks, and that number is likely to climb as the number of countries and devices able to download Home increase.

The problem for Facebook is that downloads are meaningless; Facebook needs people to download Home and continue to use it. A sizable portion of Home downloads are from curious people who are unconvinced that the app is worth keeping. Once their curiosity is satisfied, Facebook Home is just a way of seeing status updates through an interface that intrudes on the way users wish to access apps. Facebook said the "People, not apps" approach was its selling point, but it appears that people aren't buying it. Until Facebook shares active user counts, the download totals and ratings for Facebook Home will indicate that the app has managed to get users into the tent but struggled to make them stick around for the show.

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