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Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook, Google+, and all your other photo sources are now in one place with Cooliris

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday April 04, 2013.

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Cooliris is best known as the company that designed the Android Gallery app that debuted with the Nexus One, but the company has also made big strides with its 3D wall gallery concepts for the desktop and Apple iOS. The latest stride comes today with an update to the Cooliris iPhone and iPad app that puts all your favorite photo sources - Instagram, Dropbox, Facebook, Drive, and more - in one place.

An update to the Cooliris iOS app makes it a master photo source; a gallery app to rule them all. Cooliris connects with multiple photo sources and enables a central viewer of your many images and extends sharing options to others. In addition to showing a user's personal photos and providing a way to view or save between sources, it can be a feed viewer to see photos taken by friends. The app acts as a discovery tool as well, enabling both search and an "Endless Discovery" system that continuously shows images as the user browses through a variety of galleries.

Soujanya Bhumkar, Cooliris CEO and co-founder, told me in a recent interview:

"When you think of photos, you think of your camera roll, but the truth is that the universe of your photos is way more complicated than we'd like it to be. We decided to innovate on top of what the default app does and deliver an engaging experience for highly visual communication. Evernote did it for notes, Flipboard did it for news, and we decided to do it for the Photos application."

Cooliris today added Dropbox support. That adds to previously available sources of Facebook, Flickr, Google+, Google Drive, Instagram, SmugMug, Twitter, Renren, and Yandex.Fotki. It also integrates those sources more effectively by showing followers' photos, enabling bulk save of several images, and providing folder browsing.

Selective sharing is another big part of Cooliris. Someone can share photos in groups with other Cooliris members in "Conversations" that support comments and photos. This can come in handy for ongoing groups or for a single event. There are some limitations to sharing options, but Cooliris benefits from having a web app that moves as fast as smoothly as the native app, so non-Cooliris members can still see photos shared in conversations. The app can also share locally stored photos to Facebook, but there aren't universal options to posting to other networks.

Cooliris plans to deliver the same multi-source gallery features to Android in a few months. For now, iPhone and iPad users can download Cooliris for iPhone/iPad

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