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Warning: this app has In-App Purchases, Apple begins telling App Store visitors

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday March 22, 2013.

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Since the introduction of in-app purchases to Apple's iOS App Store, there have been multiple cases of children making large purchases of freemium game upgrades without their parents' permission. A new warning in the App Store attempts to lessen the chance of that happening in the future.

Apple has begun putting warnings below the download links of free games that offer additional material that require payments. When an iPhone or iPad user browses the App Store on a desktop computer, the phrase "Offers in-App Purchases" appears directly below the download button. Apple hopes that giving that heads-up will force parents to be more mindful of what apps to allow their children to use and monitor to make sure that in-app purchases are not made.

The warning is so far not enough to put an end to children running up large bills while their parents aren't looking. The warning is not particularly noticeable and only appears when browsing in iTunes on a desktop, not when browsing the App Store on an iPhone or iPad. It might make more sense to have a more prominent warning when downloading, but until then, the onus will remain on parents to pay extra attention to what types of apps they download or allow their children to access.

source: Apple Insider

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