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Samsung Galaxy S 4 features list

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday March 14, 2013.

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Samsung Galaxy S 4
Samsung Galaxy S 4

The Galaxy S 4 is Samsung's shot at a number of competitors, including the Apple iPhone 5 and the HTC One. But while those competitors make their bones on proclaiming premium hardware that's slimmer other more breathtaking than others, Samsung has tried to position the Galaxy S 4 as the biggest and baddest. It has internal hardware to compete, but it wants to use software to connect with users. Here are some of the features Samsung highlights as part of the Galaxy S 4. (Details about the hardware are available here)

- Samsung Knox keeps corporate and personal data in separate zones, allowing IT workers to insecurely manage enterprise data without leaking to non-sanctioned apps or intruding on personal data.

- Dual camera will allow customers to take pictures or record videos with the main rear camera and have a picture-in-picture with the front-facing camera.

- Dual Video call is similar to Dual Camera, but this will enable video calls that show live video from both the front and rear camera.

- Drama shot records a time-lapse video and can create an action shot showing the same subject in multiple positions in one image.

- Sound & Shot lets users record audio messages to play with a photo.

- Story album automatically creates photo albums based on event or time, stores geotagged information, and can be printed in a photo album using Blurb.

- Group Play lets users connect to play the same song in sync with each other, but it also incorporates viewing photo and documents in unison.

- S Translator provides speech-to-text and text-to-speech translations for up to nine languages. Like all digital translation services, accuracy and accent recognition may affect the usefulness of the app. It also translates text on signs and has built-in phrases.

- Samsung Smart Pause recognizes when the user looks away from the serene and then automatically pauses video. It then resumes when the user's eye return.

- Samsung Smart Scroll works in the browser and stock email app to recognize eye movements and scroll up or down by flicking your wrists.

- Air View lets users hover over images, videos, emails, or S Planner content to get a preview of content. It's the same as Air View on the Galaxy Note II but this uses a finger instead of the S Pen.

- S Voice Drive uses voice commands and text to speech to read aloud messages. It's designed to provide basic functions like map search without distracting the driver.

- Samsung Optical reader uses QR codes, OCR scanning for business cards, and provides next-step functions like placing calls, sending texts, or conducting a search.

- Samsung WatchON uses an IR remote to control home entertainment systems.

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