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BlackBerry Z10 low-light photos: before and after the recent OS update

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday March 11, 2013.

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The BlackBerry Z10 isn't known for having a great camera. You want a fabulous browser and enhanced communication options? The BlackBerry Z10 is the way to go. But when it comes to the camera, the best you can say is that the 8-megapixel lens on the Z10 is okay or decent. BlackBerry recently pushed out a software update to improve low-light performance on the Z10. To see just how much improvement the company experienced, I decided to take some before and after photos to gauge the level of improvement.

The conditions of the photos were similar but not identical, so don't expect exact replications of the photos. There have been a series of overcast days in my area of New Jersey, so closing the blinds made for the extreme conditions of low light without being in total darkness. I took several photos in my apartment with the old BlackBerry 10 software and then did my best to replicate them once I installed the latest version ( Here are a few examples of before and after updates, with before photos always on top.

As you can tell from the pictures, conditions were not exact. I took the post-update photos a day later and did my best to re-stage the positioning of objects. The lighting conditions were about the same because they were taken in the early morning in gloomy weather conditions. The post-update photos were actually taken when there was less light, but there's a pronounced difference in brightness when compared to the pre-update photos. BlackBerry specifically said that the Z10 update is designed to improve low-light photography, so it appears that the company tuned the exposure settings and did a good job of letting more light come in to increase the chances of getting a passable photo without needing a great light source.

I then turned to the photos that use the BlackBerry Z10's rear flash. These photos were taken in a pitch-black room with absolutely no light coming in, and even they showed an improvement, though not as noticeable.

The photos included in this post are not scientific measurements of how far the BlackBerry Z10 has come in low-light photography since the recent update. The conditions were similar enough to see if BlackBerry managed to improve on a sore point of the original Z10 hardware and software combination, and it seems they've made marginal gains. Photos still have noise unless taken in a great deal of light, and the clarity doesn't even come close to the Nokia Lumia 920, but it's somewhat better. For BlackBerry Z10 fans, any improvement is welcome improvement.

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