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Sprint BYSOD program excludes iPhone for reactivation, doesn't apply to Boost or Virgin Mobile

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday March 06, 2013.

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Can you bring an iPhone to Boost or Virgin Mobile with Sprint's new BYOSD initiative? No, you cannot, Sprint has confirmed. Sprint yesterday announced its support for a Bring Your Own Sprint Device (BYOSD) program that enables MVNOs to reactivate Sprint devices on their networks. The BYOSD initiative lets customers bring old or out-of-contract phones to cheaper carriers, but there are limitations on what devices can be used and where they can be activated.

BYOSD allows for MVNOs to activate out-of-service phones that were previously on Sprint's network as long as the customer has paid an early termination fee (ETF) or the phone is no longer under contract. If a customer switches phones or has an old Sprint device laying around, that phone can be used for prepaid serviced on an MVNO. However, a Sprint spokesperson has confirmed to MobileBurn that the eligibility requirements exclude Apple iPhone, BlackBerry smartphones, and devices that use Sprint's Direct Connect service. Individual MVNOs can provide a list of devices eligible for activation.

Sprint also clarified that neither Boost Mobile nor Virgin Mobile are eligible for BYSOD. Boost and Virgin are wholly owned subsidiaries of Sprint and cannot reactivate Sprint smartphones under the BYOSD program. MVNO's like Ting and Republic Wireless, which are not owned by Sprint, are eligible.

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