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Microsoft's Photosynth panorama camera app arrives for Windows Phone 8

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday March 01, 2013.

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Fans of Microsoft's Photosynth app, which uses pattern recognition to group multiple images and then create a three-dimensional panorama, will be happy to know that the app is now available for Windows Phone 8. Photosynth works by providing on-screen cues for where the user should position the camera. A live display guides movement vertically or horizontally in order to capture more than a standard 2D image.

Creating a "sphere" of surroundings can be a little tricky because Photosynth requires steady and slow movement to make sure that all angles are in focus and close enough to create a panoramic image. It then processes all of the data and creates a panorama.

Similar to the Photo Sphere feature of Android 4.2, Photosynth can capture 360-degree images and then share the resulting "sphere" online to Facebook, Twitter, Bing Maps, Email, or Photosynth.net. Users have the option of sharing a flat image or an interactive panorama that others can explore.

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