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Google+ Sign-In lets users connect to Android apps with Google instead of Facebook

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday February 26, 2013.

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Facebook Connect has become an almost standard way for developers to let users sign-in to mobile apps without having to create new user accounts. Google today announced that it will provide that same option to Google users looking to connect with new Android apps. The new Google+ Sign-In removes the need to sign-up for an account and enter new profile information into every single app. Instead of having to remember another username and password combination, Google+ Sign-In authenticates with existing Google credentials and uploads profile data users are willing to share.

Google+ Sign-In enables connecting to both websites and mobile apps. Once someone links to a service, the app can set over-the-air installs of apps, import their Google+ profile data and find people from their circles who already use the service, and post interactive features in a Google+ stream. Unlike the random automatic News Feed spam that can appear in Facebook - "Andrew just played Jessica in Every Word Game Ever!" - Google+ will only post content if the user deems it relevant to a Circle. Banjo, Fancy, Fitbit, and Flixster are among the first to use Google+ Sign-In integration.

Google didn't reinvent the wheel with Google+ Sign-In because it's fairly identical to Facebook Connect. There's nothing groundbreaking about it, but it can be useful to anyone who doesn't use Facebook or doesn't want to connect a Facebook account to mobile apps. Then again, plenty of people have the same trust issues with Google, so this clearly isn't going to be useful to everyone.

source: Google

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