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Galaxy Note vs iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 vs. FonePad vs Kindle Fire HD - tablet spec comparison

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday February 25, 2013.

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What's the best tablet with a smaller screen? Samsung ushered in the 7-inch tablet era with the original Samsung Galaxy Tab, but tablet prices, screen sizes, and capabilities have become far more diverse since then. With today's announcement of the Galaxy Note 8.0 and Asus FonePad, the Apple iPad Mini, Amazon Kindle Fire, and Google Nexus 7 now have more competition.

It will be a long time before we're able to convincingly say that the Galaxy Note 8.0 is better than the Nexus 7 or the ASUS PadFone outpaces the iPad Mini, but each individual can make early deisions about which device is best based on the specs of each device. That's not to say specs are everything; a device can be phenomenal on paper and groan-inducing in terms of daily performance. However, specs help provide a quick glance to know which devices are worth considering and which lack the crucial features that instantly disqualify it from joining your gadget library.

Take a look at the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. For customers who feel the Galaxy Note II is too big as a phone or too small as a tablet, they can get a "real" tablet without having to upgrade to the Galaxy Note 10.1. The S Pen feature adds some clever software integration and data entry functions that are unique to the Android tablet. Someone could easily be enticed by this and decide that the Galaxy Note 8.0 is the best tablet to buy. Another person could just as easily take a look at the ASUS Fonepad and be attracted by the fact that because it has a mostly stock version of Android 4.2, it's already ahead of Samsung in the software department, and it's likely to stay ahead thanks to a much quicker path to updates. Maybe they might even be drawn by a display with higher pixel density in the FonePad, Google Nexus 7, or Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

Below is a chart comparing some of the specs of the Galaxy Note 8.0, iPad Mini, Nexus 7, ASUS PadFone, and Amazon Kindle Fire HD. Prices are for entry level models, so actual costs may vary depending on features selected and regional availability.

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Galaxy Note vs iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 vs. FonePad vs Kindle Fire HD
Galaxy Note vs iPad Mini vs Nexus 7 vs. FonePad vs Kindle Fire HD

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