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Android app switching is made much easier with Pie Control

Review by Andrew Kameka on Friday February 15, 2013.

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Android has an incredibly useful multitasking button that is readily accessible when someone needs to switch to a recently opened app. Sadly, some phones make the multitasking button less accessible, and there are times when someone might want to switch to an app that hasn't been opened yet. Android users who want to fast access to their favorite apps would do well to try out Pie Control.

Pie Control follows the same concept from the quick gestures that appeared in the Android 4.0 browser and the ParanoidAndroid ROM. The app creates a hidden menu of shortcuts that are accessed by holding down on the edge of the screen and then jumping to a specific app or settings menu. It enables jumping to up to 10 apps or settings from anywhere on the phone, providing a shortcut faster than what's typically seen on Android.

Pie Control is a relatively young app, so there's room for incremental improvements on a utility app that is already useful for app launching or switching. The app requires Android 4.0 or higher to work and is available for free in Google Play. Below is a video showcasing Pie Control in action.

Download Pie Control for Android

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