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Rhino Shield screen protector Kickstarter project promises thin but incredibly strong protection

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday February 14, 2013.

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Any time a new Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy smartphone is released, someone decides to do a "drop test" video to test the durability of the phone. (Spoiler alert: glass tends to break when dropped on concrete.) A new Kickstarter project promises to make drop tests less relevant with the introduction of a thin, multilayered screen protector that can withstand drops, hammers, and scratches better than alternatives on the market.

Rhino Shield is an enhanced screen protector developed by a pair of doctoral students in the UK who formed the company Evolutive Labs. The screen protector has six layers of material that provide additional impact absorption to decrease the chances that a screen will crack when a phone is dropped or items drop on the screen. To demonstrate the effectiveness of its multilayer approach, the group has released a video that shows the screen withstanding hits from a hammer and stabs from a knife without any breaks or scratches.

As encouraging as the demo video may be, the Rhino Shield isn't a magical solution that will protect a phone from all damages. Phones can still suffer heavy damage when dropped from a high enough distance or at an angle of the sides where the screen protector would not be as resistant to impact. There's also the question of whether the Rhino Shield feels good. Having extra protection from a screen protector that feels flimsy or odd to touch is not a trade-off many smartphone users are willing to make. The developers claim that the material is "silky smooth" and maintains transparency because of a custom polymer.

Evolutive Labs hopes to raise 50,000 GBP (US $77,487.80) in its Kickstarter project. More details for funding goals and backer rewards are available at its Kickstarter page.

source: Kickstarter

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