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iOS 6.1 security lapse lets users bypass lock screen to access Phone app and photos

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday February 14, 2013.

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Apple iOS 6.1 introduced new features like purchasing movie tickets through Siri and addressing important bugs, but the update also added a new bug that compromises the security of the passcode on an iPhone lock screen.

A security hole has been discovered in iOS 6.1 that allows anyone to bypass the passcode requirement on the lock screen by initiating an emergency phone call and then holding down a combination of buttons. If someone follows the steps demonstrated here, that person will gain access to an iPhone without needing to enter the correct passcode. The workaround provides limited access to the phone, but it allows someone to make a phone call, see call history, and view or edit contacts. No other apps are accessible other than Phone, but editing a contact grants access to browsing photos.

A similar flaw in iOS 4.1 allowed access to the phone and music apps. Apple patched the security hole soon and will likely do the same in this scenario.

source: YouTube, via: Gizmodo

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