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iPhone and Galaxy S III aren't the most satisfying smartphones according to 93,000-person survey

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday February 11, 2013.

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Which smartphone model has the most satisfied users? Considering that the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III crush the competition in sales, one would have to think they would also be the most pleasing to users, right? Wrong.

OnDevice Research says neither of the top smartphones have ratings that match their sales. OnDevice conducted a survey of more than 93,000 smartphone users in the U.S. and asked them to rate their satisfaction level with their smartphone. The iPhone 5 ranked fifth in satisfaction with an 8.23 rating; the Galaxy S III didn't even make it into the Top 5.

The Motorola ATRIX HD is the device with the highest levels of satisfaction, according to OnDevice. Though the ATRIX HD has had its fair share of problems, it received the highest rating of 8.57. The ATRIX HD was followed by the Motorola DROID RAZR M (8.5), HTC Rezound 4G (8.32), Samsung Galaxy Note II (8.26), and the Apple iPhone 5. Both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III fared better in the U.K., garnering second and fifth place respectively.

The discrepancy between popularity and satisfaction is surprising. I have my doubts about the report's accuracy because the sample size and length of time with the device are unclear. Everyone is pleased with their device when it is shiny and new, but are people as satisfied at the 3 month mark? Are people expressing dissatisfaction because of early bugs and shortcomings not ironed out two weeks after release?

I reached out to OnDevice to get clarity on the parameters it set for the survey and a spokesperson said:

"The data has been statistically tested, and we've only included handsets with a robust data set."

The OnDevice survey is billed as the largest of its kind, so the survey might be more reliable than most, but it's still eye-opening considering the most satisfying choices are not also the most popular. If the survey is indeed accurate, it may be a reminder that the most alluring devices are not always the most sensible and pleasing choices.

source: OnDevice Research, via: AppAdvice

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