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How many Nexus 4s have been sold? 1 million - maybe

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday February 08, 2013.

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Neither Google nor LG have spoken publicly about the sales figures for the Google Nexus 4, but a group of Android enthusiasts have used an unconfirmed, possibly unreliable, way of estimating how many Nexus 4s have been sold.

Since the Nexus 4 went on sale in November amid persistent processing failures that Google never seemed to fix in its online stores, members of the XDA forum have used unique device identifiers to estimate the number of phones LG, Google's manufacturing partner for the Nexus 4, has produced. Each number appears to reveal manufacturing dates, country of origin, and a number believed to correspond with how many phones were produced before that device. Using that information and an IMEI number recently posted, XDA member draugaz estimates that LG has manufactured at least 1 million devices.

Considering that the Nexus 4 has been woefully understocked and sold almost as quickly as LG could manufacturer it, it stands to reason that the number of phones manufacturer is very close to the number of phones sold at Google and carrier partners.

These numbers are not official and are just fan estimates, but they provide a ballpark figure of how many Nexus 4 units are in the wild. This unconfirmed estimate is as close as anyone will get unless Google or LG decide to announce Nexus 4 sales.

source: XDA Developers Forum, via: Techcrunch

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