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Best Super Bowl Ads record books unlikely to include Samsung according to early ad ratings

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday February 04, 2013.

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Viewers called GoDaddy's "Perfect Match" Super Bowl ad featuring an uncomfortable kiss between supermodel Bar Refaeli and an unglamorous office worker "gross," but a more surprising rating went to Samsung's ad for the Next Big Thing.

Television analytics company Ace Metrix, which uses software to measure an ad's effectiveness based on the attention it receives and how relevant or desirable the product becomes to the consumer, says the early response to Samsung's ad is "disappointing." Samsung's Super Bowl commercial featuring Seth Rogan, Paul Rudd, and LeBron James received an Ace Score of 502, putting the two-minute ad far behind the highest-rated ads of the night. It's especially disappointing because Samsung's 2012 commercials for its mobile products scored a 686, which was the third-best of all television commercials aired in 2012.

The reason for the low score is likely to be the ambiguity of Samsung's commercial. I watched Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen trade barbs and laughed, but I quickly wondered what the heck was the ad about - the unmentioned phone referred simply by the generic name of "Galaxy"? Perhaps it was about the unspecified tablet featuring LeBron James' cameo? The ad was designed to increase awareness for Samsung's brand and catch phrase of "The Next Big Thing" instead of promoting a specific product. The goal of the ad is to make customers ask, "What about that Samsung?" the next time they walk into their carrier store or Best Buy.

Early reports show that Samsung's Super Bowl commercial didn't resonate with consumers in the Ace Metrix system, but that doesn't mean the Korean manufacturer won't still benefit from the ad. Super Bowl ads are often about promoting brands rather than products, and Samsung will probably argue that they want their millions going to promoting all of the "Next Big Things" it plans on releasing this year rather than the hot item of the moment. For what it's worth, Samsung was voted the 25th best ad by viewers at the Hulu Ad Zone for the Best Super Bowl ads.

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