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Windows apps coming to Android devices thanks to Wine

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday February 04, 2013.

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It's already possible to run Android apps on a Windows computer, but what about running Windows apps on an Android device? Well, you're probably going to get Wine to bring Windows to Android and complete the two-way connection. Wine, a free and open source application, was designed to make Microsoft Windows desktop programs compatible on Linux computers. It's now being developed to work on Android as well.

The obvious question is who wants to run Windows programs on their smartphones? Probably no one, but there will likely be those who wish to run some apps on their Android tablets, and Wine could facilitate that by allowing desktop Windows apps to run in a compatible mode on ARM-based tablets.

Alex Julliard demonstrated Wine running Windows apps in an Android emulator, showing what has been described as a slow "work-in-progress." There's much to be done to make the software faster and reliable, but the work is being done. Wine sponsor CodeWeavers hopes that Android will appear with Intel x86 processors and create more use cases for Wine. An overwhelming majority of Android devices are ARM-based, so development on ARM continues without any sign of a release date.

source: Phoronix

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