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Twitter announces iPhone and iPod touch app for Vine, a very brief video-sharing service

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday January 24, 2013.

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Vine for Twitter
Vine for Twitter

Twitter today expanded on its media sharing options by launching Vine, an Apple iPhone and iPod touch application that exists only to record six-second video clips that loop and are then shared to Twitter. While other services like Tout have long made it possible to share brief video clips via Twitter, Vine is an in-house solution that will have added functionality. When someone posts a Vine video to Twitter, the clip loops repeatedly as if it were nothing more than an animated GIF. However, there's a button that someone can press to turn on audio and pick up additional content. Still, the six-second recording cap severely limits the use cases and usefulness of the app.

As for Vine, the app is simple to use. New members can sign-in by connecting their account to Twitter, and then cross-post to Facebook. Vine records only when someone's finger is on the screen, so you can create a consecutive six-second clip by holding down on the screen, or lifting a finger momentarily and then resume holding to start the recording once again. When browsing within the Vine app, shared video and audio automatically play as the user scrolls down, and members can then post a comment or like a post.

Vine places no limits on the number of uploads someone can post. The app requires iOS 5 or later to work; there's no word yet if or when Twitter plans to make Vine available for Android devices.

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