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Siri was supposed to be on all Verizon Android phones, but Apple nixed the deal when it acquired the company

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday January 23, 2013.

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Before Siri reached the height of its popularity as a built-in Apple iOS app, it was a clever voice command app made by a company of the same name. It was also an app slated to appear on Verizon Android phones before Apple put the kibosh on a signed agreement.

The Huffington Post has published a lengthy profile of Siri's rise from a 24-person startup to a hallmark feature Apple touts every time it debuts a new iPhone or iPad. HuffPo writer Bianca Bosker reveals that a Siri Android app was in the pipeline and slated to become a pre-loaded application on all Verizon smartphones. Verizon signed a deal with Siri in 2009 to include Siri on its DROID smartphones, even going so far as to record an unaired commercial highlighting the app. However, the deal was nullified when Apple acquired Siri and required that the app be an iPhone exclusive.

In the years since Apple's acquisition prevented Siri's migration to Android, a number of "Siri for Android" alternatives from rival companies appeared, the most noteworthy being Vlingo and SpeaktoIt. Google expanded on its existing voice search features and baked in even more interactivity with its Google Now app released in 2012. Google is currently developing voice commands that will eventually go along with the search function already in place.

source: Huffington Post, via: Cult of Mac

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