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HTC Sense 5 appears in leaked screenshots, and it's exactly what many have wanted

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday January 22, 2013.

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If you have ever asked why HTC Sense got so elaborate instead of following the trend towards something simpler, you'll be happy to know that's the direction HTC is taking with its upcoming Sense UI 5.0. A set of leaked screenshots have appeared on XDA from a member claiming to have access to a pre-release build of a phone set to launch later this year.

The images show an interface that replaces HTC's current design choices, which are heavy on bevels and layered images, to something that's flat and minimal. The revamped UI takes some cues from the standard version of Android that has transitioned into having a refined simplicity since Matias Duarte joined Google from Palm, and a slight touch of Windows Phone lessons HTC picked up developing the 8X. While HTC has chosen to continue to expand Sense's tradition of big animations and cartoonish icons with some improvements along the way, the new interface will appeal more to HTC fans who have grown tired of Sense UI. Others may feel the new style goes too far in the opposite direction.

A small set of screenshots are available at XDA. Bandwidth limitations have caused the images to not be able to display at the moment.

source: XDA Developers Forum, via: AndroidCentral

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