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AT&T enables FaceTime over cellular for iPhone 4S smartphones with tiered data plans

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday January 16, 2013.

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AT&T has added support for FaceTime over Cellular to customers who own an Apple iPhone 4S tied to a tiered data plan. AT&T previously made FaceTime over Cellular, an Apple iOS 6 feature that supports video calls over a 3G or 4G connection instead of just Wi-Fi like previous iterations, available only to customers with a Mobile Share plan. The company eventually relented and increased availability to users with LTE devices or tiered data after facing pressure from the FCC.

Though AT&T expanded support to more devices like the iPhone 4S, which is not an LTE-capable smartphone, it has yet to make FaceTime over Cellular readily available to all users. Language in its announcement suggests that AT&T will requirs that customers have a Mobile Share Plan, LTE device, or tiered data plan, so iPhone 4S owners with a grandfathered unlimited data plan may not be able to make FaceTime video calls unless they are connected to a Wi-Fi network. There's a chance that might not be an issue because AT&T previously enabled support even for iPhone 5 users who had unlimited data.

AT&T plans to begin rolling out updates to affected devices "in the next couple of weeks." The update will be automatic and will not require any action from consumers.

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