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Chrome Beta for Android 4.0+ arrives in Google Play

News by Andrew Kameka on Friday January 11, 2013.

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Google Chrome made the jump to mobile devices in 2012, but the Android web browser app didn't follow its desktop counterpart by offering a beta version that provides early access to new features - until now. Google has launched a Beta channel for Chrome for Android that includes new features before they become available in the official Chrome for Android app. That also means they'll be treated to bugs, but Google is counting on that and wants feedback from users in order to address those issues before the changes make their way to the general version of the app.

Chrome Beta's first update is available now in Google Play. Google claims that the browser has improved its Octane performance to be up to 30 percent better, meaning the browser should handle JavaScript more efficiently. There's also new CSS Filters for HTML5, which should provide more design and display options so websites appear as their creators intended.

Download Chrome Beta (Android 4.0+ or later)

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