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Apple combats bait-and-switch developers by locking in screenshots

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday January 10, 2013.

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Have you ever purchased an Apple iOS app because of the screenshots in the App Store made the app seem interesting, only to download the app and discover that it was a fake or misleading app? If so, you'll be happy to hear Apple is trying to put a stop to that trickery.

Apple has informed developers that it will no longer allow them to change screenshots on apps that have been approved in the App Store unless the developer submits a new version for approval. The policy change is designed to curb misleading app listings that submit a seemingly legitimate app to Apple and then change the associated images in order to trick people into purchasing. Scammers would submit an app and actual screenshots to Apple, but then change to screenshots of other apps like Minecraft in order to mislead users to purchase the app or game.

The new rules concerning screenshot switching took effect yesterday. Apple hopes this will close one of the more frustrating quality control exploits used by scam artists.

source: Apple, via: MacRumors

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