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Google Music song match feature mistakenly mixes up explicit and clean versions

News by Andrew Kameka on Monday December 24, 2012.

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How to fix Google Play Music
How to fix Google Play Music

When Apple released iTunes Match to scan a user's personal library and automatically add songs to a cloud storage locker, the service mistakenly replaced the explicit versions of some songs with clean versions. Google recently launched a feature that scans Play Music libraries to match uploaded songs with copies already stored on Google's servers; however, much to the chagrin of some users, their favorite songs are suddenly absent of their familiar lyrics and have some awkward edited versions in their place.

A handful of users have complained to Droid-Life that Play Music Scan and Match has swapped their music collections to replace explicit songs with clean versions. Songs that normally had bad words have been censored to remove the offending lyrics and have silence or sound effects to drown out profanity. The problem with that strategy is that some people don't mind, and some actually prefer, the explicit versions of songs and don't wish to have the version they have listened to change because of Google's faulty matching system.

One can only hope that Google will recognize the error and fix, but there is a way to fix this problem in the interim. Unfortunately, it is only practical for specific songs and not entire albums. Follow these steps to report a song as incorrect and have Google Play re-upload the correct file:

1. Hover over the song that has been incorrectly matched and click the triangle that appears

2. Click "Fix Incorrect Match"

3. Within 24 hours, the song should be fixed.

Note: this should also work if Scan and Match mistakenly matches an explicit version of a song that you wish to be clean.

via: Droid-Life

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