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Instagram: We're not selling your photos

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday December 18, 2012.

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Following yesterday's revision to its Terms of Service, Instagram has faced a wave of criticism because of language that led some to believe that photo-sharing app might begin selling user photos. That's not happening, says Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom. Systrom took to the Instagram blog to quell fears that Instagram would begin claiming ownership of user photos or sell photos without permission.

Calling the confusion the result of legal documents being "easy to misinterpret," Systrom wrote that the changes in its terms were meant to address licensing issues related to advertising. Instagram has no intention of using its members photos to advertise, so it is removing the text from its service in order to clarify. The blog post then details that users retain full ownership of photos posted to the site, and members still control who is allowed to see their profiles.

It's too early to tell if Instagram will be able to prevent a mass exodus of users based on the misunderstanding of its policy changes, but it would not be unprecedented. Facebook routinely faces small controversies related to user privacy but the social networking giant has continued to see growth despite repeated uproars. Google experienced similar challenges when it changed its terms in April and people worried about ownership of content hosted on Google+ and Google Drive.

source: Instagram

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