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HTC ditches plans for Windows Phone 8 handset with DROID DNA-sized screen

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Monday December 17, 2012.

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Android has several options for consumers who want a smartphone with a 5-inch screen, but HTC decided not to be the first to introduce a Windows Phone 8 handset with such a big screen because of resolution concerns.

HTC last month pushed the smartphone boundaries when it introduced the DROID DNA, which has a 5-inch screen with a 1080p resolution. The company had planned to introduce a Windows device with a 5-inch screen next year, but CEO Peter Chou axed the project due to concerns about its resolution, according to Bloomberg. Windows Phone 8 supports up to a 720p resolution (1280x720), which would have meant that the large display on HTC's super phone would have not been as clear as its Android counterpoint or rival Windows handsets from other companies.

The DROID DNA takes advantage of Android's higher resolution options to use a 1080p display (1920x1080) that provides higher definition and improved quality. Gadget reviewers have raved about the DROID DNA's stellar display, and a similar model for Windows Phone 8 may have helped HTC improve its position among Windows handset manufacturers. It's possible that HTC could revisit the idea if Microsoft adds support for higher resolution screens, but Bloomberg reports that the company has decided not to pursue a 5-inch screen because of competitive fears.

source: Bloomberg

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