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Sony releases motiongraph Android app to create photos with isolated animation

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday December 12, 2012.

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A growing number of people are displaying interest in cinemagraphs, the photography technique that shows movement in only one specific area of an image. Sony today released a new Android app that enables those interested users to create cinemagraphs on a smartphone.

The new motiongraph app works by recording a video of a scene where movement takes place. That could be a tree blowing in the wind, a group of people standing, or even something small like flickering Christmas lights. The app records only a few seconds of action, then lets the user highlight the area of the scene that they wish to animate; that could be one person, a tree, or a specific bulb in the Christmas lights. Motiongraph then freezes all other portions of the video to create an effect where it looks like a still image with only a very small area of activity.

Creating a cinemagraph is fairly easy with motiongraph, which has additional editing features. Image stabilization is built into each recording in order to ensure subtle movements and reduce jitter. Users can also adjust focus, exposure, white balance, and playback speed of the animation. The resulting GIF image can then be saved or shared through another app.

Any phone running Android 2.3 or later can use motiongraph, which costs $0.99. The app is available for download in Google Play.

Download motiongraph for Android

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