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HTC DROID DNA Review (Verizon)

Review by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday December 12, 2012.

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4.2 stars

(How we score)

The biggest and clearest display to grace a smartphone
Annoying port and button placement, limited storage space


HTC has spent the past two years trying to reignite the fire that propelled the company to be the leading manufacturer of Android devices in the infant years of the Android OS. While the HTC One X earned rave reviews for its unique design and refreshing change of pace for Sense UI, it lacked that one thing that might push it to the head of the Android smartphone class. Meanwhile, Samsung rode a wave of devices with large screens and flashy software to become the leading smartphone seller.

The HTC DROID DNA carries many of the traits that made the HTC One X such a great device, but it makes big advancements in other areas, particularly its stunning 5-inch display. That fabulous screen gives the DROID DNA that singular "It" factor necessary to stand out, but is it enough to make this the hero device that HTC needs? Read on to find out how this phone ranks among all the other options at Verizon Wireless and elsewhere.

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