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Nokia engineer details how Windows 8 apps can be pirated

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday December 11, 2012.

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A Nokia engineer has demonstrated how Windows 8 has security holes that can be exploited to enable app or game piracy, and Windows Phone 8 may also be susceptible to the workarounds. On his personal blog, Justin Angel details how injecting code into the purchase process, altering a few lines for security checks, and changing files associated with games can make a trial Windows 8 title become a premium version without having to pay any money. The tricks Angel notes can be used not only to obtain free copies of games, but also to remove ads or trick freemium titles into giving players free in-app purchases that would normally generate revenue for the app's developer.

Angel's exploits are not something the average Windows user would readily deploy, but they point out a troublesome security hole that threaten the revenue streams on which game developers make a living. Windows has always had a problem with piracy, and Windows Phone appears to be less pirate-friendly than Android or Apple iOS, but it's not full proof. Angel says that he wrote this article without any input from his employer and it is meant to be educational with the hope that "both developers and Microsoft can benefit from an open exchange of knowledge." It will take time to see if this article leads to changes in the Windows structure to make games more secure.

source: Justin Angel, via: The Verge

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