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Kik Messenger for Android and iOS adds Cards so members can share videos, sketches, and images

News by Andrew Kameka on Thursday November 29, 2012.

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Kik has reached the 30 million user milestone by creating a cross-platform private or group messaging app, but the app today introduced a new 'Cards' feature for the moments when words don't quite convey a message as effectively as a visual aid.

The new Kik Cards use HTML5 to showcase sketches, online photos, or YouTube videos that can be embedded into the standard Kik messaging streams. Users can create sketches with friends, link to a funny or related YouTube video, or search for an image to include in a post. These features are accessible by swiping from left to right and tapping the "More" button. The YouTube card shows Trending and Most Viewed videos and includes a search bar to lookup a specific video. The Sketch card features brushes of multiple sizes, and Image Search includes a search bar, saved images, and sending photos to a friend.

The updates use HTML5 in a wrapper for Android and iOS but appear to move quickly enough to not feel slow compared to the native features in Kik. The optional features are actually quick even on a modest 4G connection that I used earlier today. Cards can be accessed only when necessary and may prove useful in cases where the user doesn't want to upload photos directly from a device, an option Kik has always supported.

Kik Cards are available in the latest versions of Kik Messenger for iOS and Android. It is unknown if or when these features will become available for the Kik app for Windows Phone.

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