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T-Mobile iPhone announcement could come as early as next week

Rumors by Andrew Kameka on Thursday November 29, 2012.

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T-Mobile has been rumored to officially sell the Apple iPhone several times since 2007, but the U.S.'s fourth-biggest carrier has yet to offer the nation's most popular device. The latest rumor comes from Merrill Lynchanalyst Scott Craig who says "speculation is heightening" that T-Mobile might announce that it will carry the iPhone at next week's investors meeting. Keep in mind that these same rumors have popped several times in the past, and those claims have proven to be nothing more than speculation, not reality.

Could this time be different? T-Mobile COO Jim Alling said recently that his company would love to offer the iPhone to its customers but the costs associated with the phone are not worth the risks. Despite those comments, T-Mobile has also cited the iPhone as a major factor in the 490,000 customers it lost last quarter. Carrying the iPhone might be a necessity for T-Mobile, regardless of the economics of any deal it reaches with Apple.

If this latest rumor becomes the one time that analysts are correct in their claims that a T-Mobile iPhone is imminent, a deal would give Apple access to 98 percent of the postpaid cell phone market. It could also lead to many more iPhone owners and solidify Apple iOS's place as the most popular operating system in the U.S.

source: Fortune

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