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Google Play reviews now require Google+ account

News by Andrew Kameka on Tuesday November 27, 2012.

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Google has instituted a policy change that requires anyone who wants to review content in Google Play to use their Google+ account, a rule change that ties reviews to a user's real name and public identity. A new version of Google Play is rolling out to Android devices now, but the change has already been implemented in the online store.

When attempting to leave a comment on an app in Google Play, users are warned that going forward,

"Reviews you write will be posted publicly using your Google+ name and picture. Your name on previous reviews will appear as 'A Google User.'"

An official reason for the change has not been given, but it's likely meant to curb spam or unhelpful and vindictive reviews. Developers have often claimed that they believe some users give negative reviews for perceived slights or because they are tied to a competitor, and this might be Google's way of cleaning up the comments in Google Play. It is believed that someone will be more respectful and fair when their comments are tied to their name rather than an anonymous pseudonym.

A similar rational was cited when Google+ required members to use their full legal names online, though removing the cloak of anonymity has not prevented Google+ members from being disrespectful or creating second accounts that are not tied to their identity.

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