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FCC Chairman supports Dish Network plans for wireless network, but under a condition that worries Dish

News by Andrew Kameka on Wednesday November 21, 2012.

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FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski has announced his support for Dish Network's plan to launch a wireless network using spectrum currently held by the satellite provider. Dish's entrance into the wireless market would require approval from four other FCC commissioners, but Genachowski favors granting the company permission in order to increase competition. According to The Washington Post, the chairman said in a speech:

"The mobile marketplace two years ago was on the doorstep of duopoly. But our rejection, along with the Justice Department, of the proposed AT&T T-Mobile deal, and other pro-competition actions we've taken, have led to an improving competition picture in the United States."

Though one might expect Dish to be thrilled to hear the head of the FCC publicly support its plans, the network is not keen on the suggestion that it diminish capacity. Genachowski said Dish should lower its power level to prevent its network from interfering with neighboring airwaves, but that would "cripple" the company's ability to be competitive, according to statements Dish Chairman Charlie Ergen made to the Washington Post.

Dish wants to diversify and use its spectrum to build a wireless network, but the company has had to delay plans because of fears that its frequencies would interfere with other networks. Similar concerns have kept Lightsquared from launching an LTE network, and the same fate could fall on Dish if it does not receive government clearance. The company says that it would have to find a partner to build a wireless network, and it could take until 2015 to be completed.

source: Washington Post, via: Phonescoop

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