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Nokia Lumia 920 Review (AT&T)

Review by Andrew Kameka on Thursday December 13, 2012.

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3.9 stars

(How we score)

Best camera for low-light photos, fashionable color schemes
Bulky build and has fewer app options than other smartphones


Since Microsoft and its manufacturing partners introduced Windows Phone 7, they have tried in vain to introduce a legitimate competitor to the Apple iPhone. They have also failed to unseat an army of Android devices that have been more lucrative for the same manufacturers who first embraced Windows Phone. Nokia's arrival to the platform was an all-in gamble that was supposed to platform among the elite of smartphones, but being the most popular of the bunch didn't translate to commercial or critical success.

In the Nokia Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8 finally has a worthy competitor to iOS and Android. It continues the design philosophy that made the original Lumias the most popular Windows Phone handsets by having eye-catching colors and distinguishing features. It also features brand new Windows Phone 8 software that is faster and more robust than its predecessor. Will a winning hardware foundation and vastly improved software secure the Lumia 920 a place among the elite? Read below to find out.

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